The Metamorphosis Fund


Our Goal

The goal of the Metamorphosis Fund is to raise funds to ease the financial burden on cancer patients and survivors who need goods and services to aid in their recovery.
The Metamorphosis Fund will assist with out-of-pocket expenses such as wigs, skincare products, eyeglasses, therapeutic services, limited child care, over-the-counter medications and more. It is our goal to improve the psychological well-being of those undergoing cancer treatment by providing them with some relief and peace of mind at this difficult time.
Because one of our initial goals is to ensure that cancer patients have access to image-related products and services, we will provide education on this topic to participating salons and stylists. Patients will then have access to this “preferred provider” list online. The fund will also distribute literature to all area oncology centers, physicians, salons, professional salon distributors and beauty schools.

Our Process

In order to receive funds through Metamorphosis, applicants must download a form detailing basic facts about their diagnosis and treatment and how they plan to use the money. All forms must be signed by a qualified physician. Forms will also be available at cancer centers, physician’s offices and salons.
Upon approval of the application, funds will be distributed directly to cancer patients and survivors for the use of purchasing products or services that will aid in their recovery. Although there is no limit to how many times a particular patient may apply, it is our policy to grant no more than two awards per year to any particular applicant.

Our Approach

Our first fundraising event, “No Gray May,” will take place in May 2013. It involves working with area salons, stylists and beauty schools to support the fund through an organized effort centered around hair-color and other salon treatments.
Other fundraising efforts will include soliciting for corporate donations, hosting events and engaging community members who have an interest in helping cancer patients and survivors.